Meet the Blogger

Straight up, here is a bit about myself, that way when you're reading these little posts you'll have a bit of an idea who's behind them.

Firstly, this is my most recent selfie

so now you know what I physically look like.

Now, perhaps a little general knowledge.
  1. I'm currently a student in Melbourne, Australia and I'm undergoing a double major in Film and Screen Studies and French Studies - both of which I love - I couldn't imagine doing anything else for my first university adventure.
  2. As previously semi-mentioned, I'm an Australian. At times in the past I haven't really loved living way down here at the bottom of the world but in recent years I've come to truly value this wondrous city that we call Melbourne.
  3. While film is definitely one of my main loves, I'm also an avid reader. I constantly try to have a book with me wherever I go and I'm somewhat the bookworm of my entire family. Basically anything that I can lose myself in is good with me.
Okay, so for now this is it, I can't think of much and I don't want to bore you little lovelies who are actually reading this. If in the future there's something you are dying to know, leave me a comment below and I'll do a more extensive Meet the Blogger later on in my adventures



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