Crafternoon with Celeste

Today was a busy one for me and my twinny Celeste! We had the first of many crafternoons where we made some specialised mugs for each other, loved ones and kris kringle presents!


So, to begin with the concept is quite simple, all you need is some porcelain mugs, sharpies of whatever colour you desire and an oven set to 180 degrees Celsius (or 350 Fahrenheit if that's more your thing)

We started off pretty slow, perhaps a little scared to tarnish the beautiful white cleanliness of the mugs (and bowls!) but we got there eventually making a total of seven differently designed items, four of which are on show above for you.

 I made a giant mug/bowl for Celeste with the two of us all kawaii'd out, a mug with a Sloth on it for a friend for Christmas as she's currently overseas on exchange and finally, a mug for my mumsie with a picture of her cat in his favourite sleeping position. I kept it pretty simple because detailing on a shiny, porcelain surface is a little daunting!

Celeste, my little, artistic twinny, made a bowl for me with an array of cute kitties around the edge, two matching his and her personalised mugs for a work kris kringle present and a birthday present for a friend all with adorable portraits (if only I were that talented!)

Let me know if you ever give these a try and just remember to not put them in the dishwasher! Otherwise you may have a patchy white slate that once held your personalised drawing!



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