Lush Haul: Christmas Edition

With the Christmas season swooping in right after Halloween Lush has released their glorious Christmas range, which is quite possible my favourite range they bring out and I had to restrain myself just a little.

  1. Cinders Bath Ballistic 
    I was enticed to buy this colourful ballistic for two reasons. Firstly, it's made with cinnamon leaf oil (and sweet orange oil). Now, I love cinnamon, it's quite possibly my favourite scent so I couldn't pass up being able to bathe in it. The second reason was my excitement over something that has popping candy in it. I actually used to be frightened of popping candy because of the feeling of it in your mouth but I grew to love it and I think I'll love this too!
  2. So White Bath Ballistic
    I get excited for the So White Bath Ballistic every year. It is one of Lush's best bath ballistics and creates a magnificent bath of bubbles which are like a security blanket when it comes to taking a bath. The fresh apple scent never fails to leave me refreshed. Also the pink center looks incredible when you catch glimpses of it through your bubbles.
  3. Lord of Misrule Bath Ballistic
    Another one with popping candy! I'm ready for a lively bath with this ballistic and it's another one that I've never tried before. It's a hard scent to describe, very vanillary for sure but there's also a spice to it which is an interesting mix. The desciption says there's a wine coloured center as well which I can just imagine will look amazing and feel very welcoming and cosy.
  4. Mr Punch Soap
    This one was actually a sample from the cashier (I love when that happens!) but I'm so glad she tucked in there for me because it smells delicious. Mr Punch has an incredibly fruity scent and reminds me of Christmas which you may find strange but let me explain! My family make an amazing fruit punch and it's always in excess around Christmas time with the warmer weather creeping in and this is probably the only time I even drink punch so yeah, very Christmassy indeed!
  5. The Melting Snowman Bath Melt
    Personally I've never actually used a bath melt but this one makes me so excited! It's infused with cinnamon leaf oil (so I couldn't not buy it, right?!) as well as cocoa butter and almond oil so you just know it's going to leave your skin feeling supple and smooth and smelling delicious. The smell alone may make me stock up on a couple before they leave me for another year.
  6. 9 to 5 Cleanser
    This is my go to cream cleanser when I have some more stubborn makeup and just it's perfect to freshen my skin because of the almond oil. It's truly incredible. Orchids are my favourite flower and they're the main ingredient of this baby so you can just imagine my love for it. The soft flower scent is so lovely at night because it's incredbly calming and leaves me prepped and ready for a good nights sleep.
  7. Bubblegum Lip Scrub
    I was actually given this by a friend who ended up with two but decided to include it in this haul anyway. I constantly used hers so it all worked out for the better if you ask me because now I can use it any time I want. Don't you always want to eat that delicious smelling lipbalm but you just no you shouldn't because it isn't good for you? Well, this one you're encouraged to eat! Which is fantastic if you ask me. These thing are amazing, you rub the scrub (couldn't pass up that rhyming beauty) on to your lips and then lick of the excess and nom away. They work at those pesky layers of dryness that can be pretty tough to get rid of and for me it's perfect.
  8. Breath of Fresh Air Toner Water
    I actually use this together with my 9 to 5 cleanser. After I've cleansed away all the makeup and grime your skin picks up in the day I find it helpful to refresh my skin with some toner water. This one is perfect if you have sensitive skin because it actually hasn't got much in it. I prefer to use it at night so my skin can really soak in the aloe goodness and go to sleep with a calming, soft, rose scent surrounding me. And the best bit? I wake up in the morning and my skin feels glorious and even a little brighter.
  9. Lush Canvas "Fighting Animal Testing" Bag
    Obviously this isn't a beauty product but I'm always here to do my part to stop animal testing. I picked this up to just take home my lush goodies in but you'll probably find me utilising it at the supermarket or my quick trips to pick up some new beauty products.

So now you know my latest lush binge. As you may possibly be able to tell I have a little big of a Lush addiction and it had just been too long since I'd last been in so of course I had to catch up! (At least that's what I tell myself... every single time)



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