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Lush Dorothy Bubble Bar
Scents: Ylang and Sweet Figs

This baby is perfect for those days when you aren't feeling your best or perhaps the weather is a little dreary and you want to brighten your day/evening. For me today was perfect, even though Summer has reached Australia, I'm not sure Mother Nature knows exactly what's going on just yet, seeing as early this week it was 30+ degrees Celsius and yet today it was a top of 18 - which is actually my favourite kind of weather, I love the cold! 

I would say The Wizard of Oz is probably in my top ten all time favourite films, so when I noticed Lush had this gorgeous over the rainbow bubble bar I knew I had to try it. Not only is it adorable but the scent isn't over powering at all, it's quite subtle and leaves you smelling sweet but bearable! The water turns an amazing sky blue and mine had hints of red throughout it when I moved the bubbles aside. Which is another thing, if you love a true bubble bath, where the bubbles are almost out of control and you hop in and they're up to your ears, this is the bubble bar for you. I couldn't believe how bubbly my water was going and then the staying power. I ended up relaxing in this bath for a good hour to an hour and a half and wowee, those bubbles just wouldn't desist!

This is definitely going in my highly recommend pile of lush goodies because I personally believe the scent would appeal to pretty much everyone, it brightens any gloomy or sad day and who doesn't want a little blue sky with their bubbles? It's also a nifty little gift that's perfect for a stocking filler!

Which reminds me, it's CHRISTMAS! I'll be posting a couple of Christmassy vibed blogs soon I promise, another Crafternoon with Celeste, my love, as well as some gift wrapping fun so look forward to them!

Stacey-Lea x


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