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Lush: Lord of Misrule Bath Ballistic
Scents: Black Pepper Oil and Patchouli

Lord of Misrule lives up to his lordly name in the bathtub. This guy surprised me! While I knew there was a gorgeous pink-purple centre when it got into the water he went crazy! The outer layer fizzes and pops away (thanks popping candy, you know what's up) and the colour instantly comes out. I've found that with some ballistics where there's an outer and inner layer it can take a while for the colours to come out and mix which means the scent takes longer and the ballistic doesn't dissolve as quick. But not with this baby!

As you can see the pink came out pretty instantly and so did the gorgeous scent. It's like warm spice and has an incredibly calming quality. This lovely ballistic is perfect for the end of a tiresome day when you want some me time and to just relax and sit back without having to think or do much.

This photo definitely doesn't do the end result justice. It ended up looking like I was bathing in ribena or a light red wine (don't even like red wine, but boy did it feel glamorous). My only complaint with this overwhelmingly amazing bath ballistic is that the bubbles disappeared quite quickly and I usually like to lay back in bubble heaven for a little bit longer than it allowed. Other than that, this one is perfect for a night in and I do still highly recommend.

Stacey-Lea x 


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