What I Got For Christmas

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas this year!
I love reading and watching people divulge what they got for Christmas and thought I would join in on the merriment this year by letting you guys in on a couple of my favourite gifts that I received this year from friends and family.

First up is what may quite possibly be my favourite present of the year, the Fuji Instax Mini Camera in black, which I got from my Grandfather. I've had my eye on this baby for some months now and to finally have my hands on it fills me with excitement. My mum was super nifty and picked up some special rainbow bordered film for this little one too which I'm loving!

I'm quite the avid reader and so when my mum gave me the option for one of my presents to be an order from Urban Outfitters and I saw these books on sale for five dollars I knew I was popping them on the order. I've been waiting and waiting to get Girl, Interrupted by Susanna Kaysen, which is the book on which the film is based, with the film being one of my faves I feel I'm going to love this just as much. The next was more of a whimsical choice, Don't Worry, It Gets Worse by Alida Nugent, which is meant to be a wonderful read for twentysomethings, which I now, finally, consider myself as one (only took five months to accept I was twenty!) 


Next, from one of my best friends, among other things, I received this gorgeous Christmas Collection of triple scented miniature candles from Glasshouse. Three classic scents with classic names, Night Before Christmas (dancing sugar plums), White Christmas (cedar leaf and fruity clove) and Christmas Spirit (white spruce) are incredible. My favourite is White Christmas because I'm a sucker for the spicey scents (de-lish!)

Lastly, out of my favourite gifts are the perfumes. I was quite spoilt when it came to perfumes and as you can possibly guess, Marc Jacobs makes my favourite perfumes. From my Grandmother I received the beautiful gift set for Dot, with the perfume, a body lotion and shower gel. The last of my present divulging for this year is the Marc Jacobs perfume travel set with two Daisy fragrances, Dot, and Oh Lola! too, which I'm looking forward to utilising in my travels!

So that's it for this year, along with a couple of gift cards and added little bits, these were my Christmas faves! I hope you had a fantastic Christmas yourself and well, Happy New Year with it being the 31st of December now! 

Stacey-Lea x


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