Life Update!

Firstly, let me apologise for being absolutely MIA for much too long. It's been a busy year of me figuring things out and trying to find what I want to do and all those annoying things that come along with ageing.

Firstly, I turned 21. I'm still not quite feeling 'adult', but to be sure there are times I realise I'm doing that 'adult thing' I thought I'd never do when I was a child. You know, the simple things like preferencing buying fuel and groceries for the week over the new NARS lipstick or hitting that sale at Topshop (don't worry that still happens constantly). Also, I'm pretty sure you know you're getting older when you can't walk past a homeware store without going in buying everything that's cute even though you have absolutely no use for it... at least not yet.

Next up, I suppose an update on my face and the makeup I'm loving at the moment:

I'm adoring the Naked 3 palette my boyfriend's beautiful sisters gave me for my birthday, so naturally I'm drawn to the rose gold and bronze hues of the palette and I've been working that into my everyday look. Also, anybody else go see Divergent?  What am I saying, of course you did (I saw it twice in the cinema and bought it the day it was released on bluray, and Theo James, I mean swoon, right?) - anyway, point is, Tris as a Dauntless has this gorgeous bronzed liner on her upper lid that is beautifully subtle but glistens enough to bring out the eyes and that is something I have been loving. Plus, bronze hues are great for green/hazel eyes, because it brings out the flecks of gold. 

Lastly, I want to give you guys some plans as to where this blog is probably heading in the near future. I'm bringing my love of books and film into here, giving a little bit more range through reviews and highlighting some authors and directors I love. This doesn't mean beauty is out of the question! I'm planning something fun for the whole of December and I'll do some featured looks and hairstyles when I get the chance. Product reviews will still feature too so there isn't too much change, just some added features!

I'll be back with you very soon
Stacey-Lea x


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