I Did a Thing...

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...and that thing was cut my hair.

I don't mean a trim, I mean, I really, really, went for it, and lobbed off more than half of my hair on somewhat of a whim. I woke up, in my week off from university, and had a bit of extra time in the morning before a lunch with a friend and thought, yeah, okay, I'll get my haircut this morning.

This isn't to say I hadn't been thinking about it. I've had fairly long hair for a good four or five years, varying lengths but still, it's just been long. So I went for it for a change, it'll grow back, but for the time being it's fun to mess around with some different styles that what I'm used, or even, what I'm comfortable with.

To give you an idea, the two photos below were taken on the day of my hair cut.

                                    Before                                                                After

The last time my hair was even close to this length I was about 14 or 15, and at that point in my life I had no clue about styling my hair. I've got quite wavy hair that can turn into quite tight curls, sometimes. It's the most unpredictable hair I know of, out of my group of friends that is, and it was a pain and a hated feature when I was younger. But now with new knowledge and a love of hair products I'm more willing to mess around with what I've got, and at the moment, I'm loving it!

Have you made any drastic changes to your hair and loved it? Hated it, maybe? I would love to hear your stories!

Stacey-Lea x


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