Halloween 2014

Good morning, good afternoon and good evening to you all!

Yes, it was Halloween recently and yes, it has taken me a while to get this up but it's here now and I hope you're as happy with my Halloween costume as I am/was!

This year, the boyf and I were invited to a party together, I had another party to attend that he wasn't able to make so the first party I seemed a little strange, seeing as we went in a couples costume (I know, I hear you, a couples costume? What was I thinking, how typical and blah of me, but just wait, here me out, please)

Recently, the boyf and I have been watching through the amazing '90s-00s series, The X-Files, which is amazing and everything I've ever wanted from a long-form television series and if you haven't watched it and have always thought maybe you would, I suggest you should, now, as soon as possible, it's on Netflix if that helps. Anyway, I diverge, we've been watching the series and as you may or may not know the leads, portrayed by the puppy-faced David Duchovny and the always fabulous Gillian Anderson, are filled with sexual tension beyond belief and hold the bar for many working relationships I must say. So what better way for the boyf and I to show our love for this series and truly display how dorky we really are (which, in my case, tends to lean toward '├╝ber dork') than dress up as Fox Mulder and Dana Scully!

Now for reasons I rather not explain, the boyf prefers to not be on the interwebs, which is totally fine, you can just image how suave he was in a suit and trench, hair texturised and gorgeous, just as the true Mulder would appreciate. You can also imagine how we looked as a pair with these images of myself.

To create the look of Scully's signature red/auburn hair I found a wash out orange hairspray, because I definitely didn't want to mess with my natural colour but how could I be Scully without her hair, right? Anyway, with assistance I had a few layers of the colour sprayed onto my hair and brushed through, so there was no risk of looking stringy and so I still had a natural bounce and look to my hair. To set in the colour I lightly blow dried my hair and made sure to create some volume for that perfect bounce the fabulous Scully maintains during her FBI escapades.

Scully is most frequently seen in rosey/peachy hues that compliment her beautiful porcelain skin so I utilised my Naked 3 palette, focusing with a base colour of Limit and then accenting the eye with Burnout and soft eyeliner with Liar. For my base I kept it natural with my usual routine, Nars Sheer Glow in Mont Blanc and Nars Creamy Concealer in Vanilla for under the eyes and any little blemishes I was facing. I slight contour to get those gorgeous cheekbones out with The Body Shop Honey Bronzer in the lightest shade, 001, but I steered clear of a blush because of a natural rose hue I get on my cheeks. Brows were defined with my usual routine and to top off the look I coloured my lips with a Nars gloss in Dolce Vita, which is very close to my natural lip colour and gave me just the gloss I wanted for my complete Dana Scully look.

My outfit was pieced together with a soft black, trench duster coat, and cigarette pegged pants from Topshop. A sheer shirt I've had in my hands for a few years and some black, suede, block heels from Tony Bianco, an older style from a few years back as well.

To really solidify my status as FBI agent, Dana Scully, I made an ID badge with the real life Dana Scully's FBI ID (hands up if you want me to say FBI or ID again? No? Got it)

I loved this look and it was so easy to wear, even though it was a little warm for a duster coat this Halloween but I stuck to it. Each piece I invested in with the knowledge that I could wear each item again and love them as separate pieces in my wardrobe.

How was your Halloween? Let me know what you went as and if it was a good night for you!


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