Personalised Advent Calendar

Get creative this Christmas!
Now, I don't really have many people that I buy gifts for. There's pretty much just my mum, grandparents, boyfriend and best friend that I'm buying for. This, here, is the specialised gift I've put together for my best friend, Julia. 

Basically, I was running through my brain how I wanted to say thank you and I love you to the girl that's been with me for the past nine years and then it hit me. A personalised advent calendar filled with all the mini presents I know she's going to love.

Julia and I often give each other a number of gifts, so this is all that much more extravagant. But this way she gets to open a little something from me every day of December until the twenty fourth which is a slightly larger present that she'll need to come see me to get. I thought this gift idea could be perfect for anyone that wants to show a little extra love to that special someone.

Some of the gifts I've got in this one are a few of her favourite Lush products, some bubble bars, such as Brightside and Karma, some soaps, such as Sexy Peel and Bohemian and some shower gels, such as Happy Hippy and It's Raining Men (Honey, I Washed the Kids for us Aussies), a few different candles that I know she'll love the scent of, occasionally there's a note with a smaller gift, such as an I.O.U or a little message just giving some words of inspiration or reminiscing on a moment in our friendship. To truly make it personalised there are some gifts throughout it that are more inside our friendship.

All up this didn't end up costing me much more than I would have spent on this gorgeous friend of mine and is just going to give her a little light in every day, which for the worker girl she is, with all the stress that's put on her, is exactly what I was going for. 


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