January Book Haul

 How is it already February 2015?! This month has flown by and truthfully all that has really filled it is a crazy amount of work thanks to the holidays. Now that the holidays are over and I finally have some time back on my hands I'm here to give you my January book haul, which ended up a little larger than I thought it would to be honest.

Firstly, I picked up copies of Gillian Flynn's other novels, after I enjoyed Gone Girl so much, I figured I might check out Flynn's other work, Sharp Objects and Dark Places. I love reading a range of books, but a lacking genre is the crime/thriller, which Flynn seems to have perfected. I look forward to reading this two when I eventually get through the already high stack of "to-read" books.

Along the same genre feel, I picked up A Vision of Fire. The only reason I even reached for this book is the author, Gillian Anderson, whom you may have heard of on this blog before, ahem, Dana Scully, X-Files beauty. Anyway, it could either go perfectly right or horribly wrong, you never know how talent will transfer. Also, the book was written by Anderson, and Jeff Rovin, so we'll see how it all pans out. I have hopes but they aren't too high.

 The impulse buy of this month goes to these three beautiful books. I had a gift card, I saw these books, I decided I needed each of these hardcover beauties, and now, here we are. On the top is a gorgeous copy of The Wizard of Oz, by L. Frank Baum. I've always wanted to read this book, the story is such a captivating one and reaches deeply into my personal childhood. I'm a huge huge huge (huge) fan of the film, I mean, let's be real, it made film history with the first use of technicolour and it's a musical, what's not to love?

Next down the line is The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender, by Leslye Walton. A story about a girl, Ava, who was born with wings and who needs to find where it is she belongs in the world. It's meant to be a magical story of love and triumph and I have heard nothing but great things about this book and seeing this beautiful copy in the bookstore made me pick it up, quick sticks. It has gorgeous rose gold/copper detailing around the feather and on the spine as well (swoon).

Lastly on this little impulse go for was The Strange Library, by Haruki Murakami. Murakami has become quite the name, I've heard many good things connected to this author but have yet had a chance to read a book myself. It was once again, the cover that enticed me to pick up my first Murakami, but also this story sounds to be an intriguing one. It's a story about three very different characters as they plot to try and escape a nightmarish library. The Strange Library, is a small book with under 100 pages so it could be a nice little pick me up in between hectic university readings.

The last books to be added to the January book haul, you're probably wondering, what and why? And here's your answer. I love acting, I love film, I love everything about the idea of making a change in someone's life from acting and from a particular film because so many times that has happened to me and it is a deep and emotional way to connected with someone you've never even met. The true dream is to be able to achieve this, but first I want to get through my university degree and have that safety net because I'm not kidding myself, I know this is one of the hardest industries to achieve any luck in. That doesn't mean I can't still surround myself with it.

So that's what these two books are. Acting for Film, by Mel Churcher, is filled with tasks, techniques and tips for acting in film all from auditioning processes and what it's like to be on set. This is the kind of book where I'll read a chapter here and there so I can truly absorb it's contents and take in the advice.

On top of Acting for Film is Acting in Film: An Actor's Take on Movie Making, by Michael Caine. I added this one to my bookdepository order because Michael Caine is one of the greats, and I'm always greatly interested in figuring out how actors make their processes work and what they go through to get the effect that they have on screen. This is another somewhat small book so it may also be an in between refresher while I'm at university.

This brings me to the end of my January Book Haul. Have you read any of these yourself? Let me know in the comments!


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