What's In My Bag: University

Since this coming week marks the beginning of university for the year (or maybe last week was your first? Unlucky!) I thought I would get out my university essentials and my favourite type of bag for university.

Now that I'm in my fourth year, I feel I've perfected what I need to take with me to university, and this is it.

  1. A good large tote. This is my oversized vegan leather tote, with inner clutch/pocket bag for your valuables, from Street Level (this one I picked up from Urban Outfitters). It fits everything, and is made of a good sturdy material so you never feel it's going to give way on you from class to class. The added pocket bag makes finding your keys a much easier task, I'm sure we've all had that moment where we have to put everything down as we search and search for the car keys.
  2. Obviously you're going to need our wallet. This is the Audrey wallet from Status Anxiety in dark blue. It's the all purpose wallet, it's truly a wonder, there's space for anything and everything! I tend to keep my phone (another obvious essential) inside a zipped pocket of this wallet, just to keep it from getting scratched or knocked around in the tote.
  3. This is an item that probably looks familiar, it's a KeepCup. Recently, blogger,vlogger and beauty lover, EssieButton, showed off her version of this particular KeepCup. It's an incredible limited edition cork and glass detailed cup in which your drink will stay warm and you're constantly helping out the environment with this baby. The idea of the KeepCup started right here in my hometown Melbourne. The purpose? To stop getting those pesky take-away cups from coffee shops that you cannot recycle. Instead, you pass over your KeepCup and the cafe will fill your drink of choice in this, instead of their takeaway cups. It's highly endorsed here and Melbourne and seems to be making it's way across the globe too.
  4. This one is a new addition, and it's to try and help limit my day-to-day spending. Simply, it's a Budget Book, each day you write in what you've purchased, how much it cost you, and at the end of the week you add it all up and realise you've spent more than you probably should have on some unnecessary items. Fingers crossed this gets my spending down (I just have to keep up with it...)!
  5. An ever-changing item. A book. It depends what I'm reading to what I bring along (of course). I've put in The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde because I just finished reading it for a literature class I'm doing this semester and I wanted to express how fun of a book this is! It's like an alternate history to what we could have had (potentially), in which there were Literary Special Ops that helped maintain the integrity of classical works of fiction and as you may guess, this one centralises around a crime involve Jane Eyre. If you've read Jane Eyre, you'll find this book throughly enjoyable and insightful, if you haven't though, don't fret, it possibly makes this particular book better for the changes in the story (you'll get what I mean if you read it/have read it).
  6. A little notebook for quick thoughts or important dates helps me stay organised. This one is a beauty from Rifle Paper Co. I just want everything on that website, it's all so gorgeous.
  7. If I'm going to write little notes I'm going to need pens, right? As a left hander I prefer to write with a felt tip pen, the ink sinks in to the paper instantly and means I'm not stuck walking around with ink all along the side of my hand. I'm also a fan of colour co-ordination, so I tend to carry a couple of coloured pens to make some notes or ideas stand out, for better remembrance.
  8. My sunglasses. Oh, how I love thee. Honestly I couldn't survive without sunglasses. Even on the most overcast day it's often too glare-y for my sensitive eyes, especially while driving, or coming out of darkened lecture theatres. Generally these live on the top of my head, for easy access, but sometimes they'll end up in my bag if I'm inside for a while, or my hairstyle of the day doesn't allow them to be on my head!
  9. Nine is a bit of a double. My Macbook and a case. I write all my lecture notes on my Mac, it's easier to have one document for each class than to have a notebook for each, it means if I have some spare time I can switch class notes and work on something for something else, without having to carry around all the books. Now the case is pretty simple, I just don't want scratches on my laptop.
  10. Last, but clearly not least, is a little pick-me up case. This is filled with four things I like to have on me, and keeps them all together. A trusty lip balm, for when my lips are a little on the dry side, this particular one form Maybelline has antioxidants and SPF, so it's a win/win/win lib balm in my book. Hand Food and Hand Maid from Soap and Glory that I keep with me for any needed hand moisturising or sanitising. Last in the case, some spearmint gum, I feel like no explanation is needed for this one?

Now there are some inter changeable items that will end up in my bag, such as a reader for whichever class I have that day, or the book I'm looking at for literature. A water bottle (I mostly just carry this in my hand, for fear I haven't pushed the lid down hard enough and water going everywhere). And snacks! Sometimes I'll have a long four hour period where I have no time to get food or there's no food place near by, so I tend to keep some good snacks in my bag. My favourites to carry around at the moment are dark chocolate covered sultanas, salted cashews, or some fruit, such as grapes or strawberries, is to eat in the middle of class and satisfying enough to keep up some energy.

Is there anything essential you like to keep in your bag? Something you couldn't survive without at university? 


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