A Month in Movies: June 2015

This is something a little new, but there were a few beauties in film that were released this June and I want to have a bit of a chat over them.

Mad Max: Fury Road
George Miller (2014)

I couldn't get over this film. I went to see Mad Max: Fury Road as soon as I could possibly could, and then saw it again because I loved it so damn much. If you didn't get a chance to see this please, I implore you to find the best screen you have and wait for a bluray or something if it's out of your local cinema because it is magnificent, if it is still playing at the cinema, go go go. If you didn't see it because you thought it would be all action, you are on the one hand right, but also wrong because the action is so successfully shot through the editing style that you'll find it easy and interesting to follow the whole way through. It uses a technique called "eye trace", or "crosshair framing", which essentially means all the vital visuals are kept in the centre of the frame, so you don't have to go looking for information, it's given directly to you - which is great because then you have more time to gaze at the beauty of the cinematography, which is amazing. The change between day and night is visually stunning and the open landscape is magnificent. All of this is connected with an incredibly beautiful score from Junkie XL, which gives you two hours of pure ear-pleasure (it's available on spotify if you want to have a listen). With all of this technical film love going on there's also the impeccable acting from the cast. Tom Hardy plays the insanity of Max Rockatansky brilliantly, gives a call back to the original Max (Mel Gibson), but hams up the crazy and it works perfectly in this constantly moving piece of cinema. Charlize Theron is as perfect as Charlize Theron, her harsh but feminine characterisation of Imperator Furiosa is welcome sight in this apocalyptic world. Alongside the big names are several popular Australian actors (it is an Australian film after all! Woo Australia, thank you for this) in minor roles which give a little sense of happiness to see them in such a 'blockbuster' film and their acting chops match up brilliantly.

Jurassic World
Collin Trevorrow (2014)

Jurassic World copped a lot in its opening week, or more so the weeks leading up to it. But after two viewings of the film, I've got to say, just accept it for what it is, a blockbuster extravaganza of special effects and dinosaurs, a thrill not a thriller. Keeping that in mind, it's fantastic, it's fun and leaves you gasping out of excitement. There's a lot going on but the pay off is (personally) worth it. The final scene, which I will not go into because it needs the build up of the film for the true effect, is so satisfying that the entire experience is worth it. If you've seen the original Jurassic Park, you're in for something similar but not entirely the same. The film acknowledges this in a number of meta lines from multiple characters that insist that Jurassic World (the theme park, and thus the movie) is not trying to compete with Jurassic Park (just the same). Additionally, images of the old park inflect the film with nostalgia. Through the use of the images of the original gates, the old visitors centre (home to the epic shadow raptor scene), an older banner, jeep 29 and the wonderful use of the Jurassic Park t-shirt, worn by New Girl's Jake M. Johnson, the audience can connect with the film in multiple ways. However, I do have to say that the original special effects of the trilogy are pretty amazing, in that they built a lot of the dinosaurs, and I love that real look. The cgi isn't too terrible but it does take away from the more thriller and horror aspects that the original films a filled with. At no point was I scared, only excited, as I said, thrill not thriller. In all this though, I do love that in Jurassic World you're on the side of the dinosaurs, you're pushing for the win of the previous enemies and villains, the velociraptors and the tyrannosaurus rex, hoping they come out on top. Also I'm pretty sure we were all excited to see Chris Pratt ride a motorcycle along raptors, am I wrong? It's awesome, and that's all it needs to be. Now please excuse me while I go rewatch the originals.

Inside Out
Pete Docter (2014)

Don't worry, it's not all action in the month of June. The latest from Pixar definitely gets a mention. 

Inside Out is a perfect display of what Pixar does best, pulling you in with quirky characters, fun stories and then making you feel ALL THE EMOTIONS. Directed by Pete Docter, who also gave us the wonderful (-ly happy/sad) movies Up (2009) and Monsters Inc. (2001), Inside Out had such an awesome concept that I was instantly drawn in. I love a good Pixar film because they take time in their process to give you the best of the best (except Cars and such, just not interested in those I'm afraid). Amy Poelher also weighs in the fun factor voicing one of the main characters of the film, Joy. The film itself has a pretty out there concept, it's really about people inside your brain, that press buttons and knobs and decide what you do. While there is some long downtime throughout the middle of the film, suddenly, and seemingly out of nowhere, you may be hit with a wave of emotions and you're not at all sure why. The film, as many Pixar films often cover, explores a semi-coming-of-age concept and it would seem all of this hits close to home for many of the older viewers, as imaginary friends fade and the importance of memory and emotion are emphasised, and now you're losing it in a film that's (technically) made for children, at least heavily marketed toward them. What I love about Pixar is their ability to give for all audiences, a child is going to be happy with the intense range of colours and the exploration of imagination. An older audience is going to find some pretty amazing depth and meaning as well as they explore their own thoughts on childhood, memory and family. The popularity of this film has proven all of this, it's opening box office weekend gross was the highest for any original Pixar story, and second in Pixar's twenty years of filmmaking only to Toy Story 3, which had ten years of hype. Definitely a must see for anyone and everyone, don't have a kid? Who cares! See the film, it's a Pixar wonder.


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